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Church Nursery Mural Ideas

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I have painted murals in several church nurseries over the years. The picture above is one of my own murals that I did for my church here in NY.

I bet you can’t guess what the most common church nursery mural theme is?? Hmmmm, I wonder…… Noah’s Ark & Jesus and the Little Children, of course!!

Children love to walk into a room that is painted with bright colors, animals, and fun characters. It makes them feel comfortable, interested, and helps to welcome them if they might otherwise be nervous or uncomfortable.

Being a leader for a mom’s group in my church, I often notice the hesitation of parents leaving their little ones in the nursery. If this is the case in your church, make the simple suggestion of having them add something fun to the walls. This will not only help the children, but it also helps the parents. Children need inspiration and stimulation just like we do!

Here are a couple nice church murals that I found.

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  1. AceProFinder says:

    I love these murals! Thanks for sharing such cool photos!

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