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Monkey Themed Baby Nursery Ideas

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My children LOVE monkeys.  One of their favorite monkeys is the well known CURIOUS GEORGE.  They watch the cartoon every morning on PBS Kids.  I have never seen a Curious George mural, so I decided to do a little searching on Google to see what I could find.  I found a few ideas that are actually super easy to do because they are done with wall decals.

But Curious George is not the only cute and lovable monkey.  There are so many more cute monkey ideas that you can bring into the baby nursery.

I found this one on  It seems the author used this picture as their inspiration for planning their baby nursery.  I am not sure where they found it, but it is adorable!  Not sure if it is hand painted or wall decals, but it is cute either way.

Hand painted borders give a creative touch and are simple, but how about going all out and painting a tree with a monkey hanging from the branches?  I found these adorable ideas:

This one is a sticker wall decal.  You can purchase it here:

Monkey themed baby nursery murals are another adorable theme option for both baby girls and boys.  My favorite is definitely the monkeys hanging from the trees.  A perfect addition to any nursery decor.  Decals are great, but being a mural painter myself, I definitely suggest doing something hand painted.  And yes, you can do it!  You have come to the right place to find ideas and inspiration!

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3 Responses to “Monkey Themed Baby Nursery Ideas”
  1. Fiona says:

    Can I be so bold as to also suggest a paint by number mural. I have a number of easy cheeky monkey themed paint by number murals on my website which are available both in the USA and Europe for people who like the hand painted look.

  2. wall sticker says:

    Nice wall sticker, are they removable?

  3. Colleen Cira says:

    I LOVE the idea third from the top. Would love to know where you found that picture so I could potentially track down where they got all of their stuff from. Please let me know…thanks!

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